AVALON7 Breathable Mesh Fishing Sunmasks

AVALON7 Facemasks: Next Level Sun Protection

AVALON7 Fly Fishing Sun Masks-offer 30+ UPF sun protection for the head, face and neck while still letting you breathe comfortably with less fog on your sunglasses!  Available in two fabrics- classic style or super breathable mesh with limited edition prints designed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

A7 Classic NeckTube Facemasks- Unique Fishing Facemasks



Our original Classic NeckTube facemasks made with Stretchsoft fabric are most similar to what the multifunctional tubes other brands like Buff, BlackStrap and Hoorag make, but we strive to have the best art and design in the category!  They are great for colder days because of the tighter weave polyester fabric, and are super popular for fishing guides to wear on the river here in Jackson for all day sun and wind protection.  We have a huge variety of limited edition designs to fit your style in our online store and at our fine retailers.

Always looking to innovate, we have also created a full line of stylish seamless balaclavas out of our Stretchsoft fabric so that you can keep your face covered more comfortably without having to pull it tight behind your head.  The balaclava can also be worn upside down just like a regular Classic tube.

Breathe easy with our innovative Mesh NeckTube Facemasks!



Our Mesh NeckTube Facemasks and Bandaril mesh bandanas feature our exclusive X7 polyester mesh material which is much more breathable than the regular Stretchsoft fabric,  making them more comfortable on hot summer days, as well as reducing fog on your sunglasses or goggles by 90%!    These facemasks are UPF of 25+, and are actually more effective for sun protection than the traditional Stretchsoft style tube because you don’t have to constantly remove them from your face to breathe better or let your sunglasses de-fog.

The Mesh NeckTube facemasks can be worn as a single layer, or rolled in on themselves for double layer protection on colder days.


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Here at AVALON7 our main focus is making rad stuff that makes your outdoor adventures more enjoyable!  See ya on the river!

-Rob Kingwill,  Founder and Lead Designer




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