Keep your face protected on the river, reduce fog on your sunglasses and stay cool and breathing easy with our

The Art of Fly Fishing Facemasks

There really isn’t anything better than flyfishing a beautiful river under majestic mountains.  That’s why AVALON7 is based in the epicenter of adventure, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   We grew up here and choose to stay here because being outside, chasing fish and deep powder in the winter is what we are all about.

That being said, you have to have the right gear so you can have a good day on the river.  Sun, bugs, and heat all can get to you after a while, which is why a lot of people use sun masks, maskss or bandanas to keep their face from scorching off.

When we started AVALON7 in 2005, we set out to solve the problem of wanting to wear a facemask,  but not being able to breathe through it and getting too hot.   Enter our exclusive X7 Mesh products, the most breathable and functional mesh facemasks on the planet!  They block the sun, snow and bugs, while still being able to breathe,  not get too hot, and not fog your sunglasses or goggles!


The Benefits of AVALON7 Breathable X7 Mesh Fly Fishing Sun Masks

AVALON7 has two main product lines featuring X7 mesh-  our amazing Mesh Tshield tubes, and our Mesh Bandaril Bandanas.   Each one has its unique benefits.

The Mesh Tshields are extremely versatile- they are dye sublimated with our amazing limited edition designs, and then sewn into a tube that can be worn in several different ways.  The coolest benefit of the tube is to be able to wear it as a single layer, which is extremely breathable and cool, or to double the tube over and wear it with two layers over your face, for extra protection from cold, wind and sun while still being able to breathe.



The Mesh Bandaril bandanas are an upgrade to the classic bandana.   Being a bandana, they have the benefit of being able to tie them tight or loose on your face or head.  They are designed to be over sized, but the unique hexagonal shape removes excess fabric from around your neck.  These are also made from X7 mesh, so you won’t have any trouble breathing and your sunglasses fogging will be dramatically reduced!

One last tip, when you are on the river and it is sweltering hot, just dip your AVALON7 fishing facemask in cool water, ring it out a bit, and then put it on for an amazing cooling effect!


Check out our full line of fly fishing bandanas and tubes in our online store here:






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