Congratulations on your new AVALON7 X Natural Selection Tour FitGaiter!

Here are the basics of putting the A7 Helmet Anchor buttons on your helmet so you can attach the Fitgaiter loops to the outside of your kit.  Read all of the instructions before you begin.

Avalon7 Winter Social Distancing Facemask for skiing and snowboarding fitgaiter

#1.  Place the buttons on the farthest back straps on your helmet by first poking the nail backer through the center of your strap.  The trick is to put the anchor as high and far in the back of your head as possible or the earloop will fall off.  See the last photo for example of placement.

The buttons are semi-permanent.  You have to use a pair of pliers to crimp the button into the nail backer after you put it through your strap.  That nail is sharp, be careful!  It looks like a screw on, but it is not.



#2.  Put the button onto the nail backer.  Carefully squeeze the two parts together with a pair of pliers.  This might take a couple tries, try not to lose the button as it launches itself onto the floor on your first try. 🙂



Use a piece of fabric or duct tape attached to the pliers so you don’t damage the logo on the button when you apply the pressure to put them together.  Another trick is to set the pliers to the widest setting.

You need strong hands to do this, so ask for help if you need it.  It’s a little tricky but you can do it!



Once your buttons are in-place, you can use them to anchor the ear loops built into your Fitgaiter or Fitmask as shown in the photo below. With the mask anchored outside your helmet, you can easily take the mask up and down, and you can wear a balaclava and not worry about trying to get the loops over your ears.

Hit me up if you have any questions!

Rob Kingwill

AVALON7 Founder


AVALON7 Earloop Anchor Attachment



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