Today I woke up in a fog, and it is unclear what the future will hold. This election has shown us our dark side, and is a choice we will suffer through for a long time to come. But I am a Warrior of the Light. I will not stand for an America where it is ok to be racist, xenophobic, or bigoted. We are a great country filled with loving and compassionate people-even the ones who voted for Mr Trump. It makes me sad that someone like him will set the tone for society for the next 4 years. This is a call to everyone to stand united, and burn ever more brightly than before against hate and the destruction of our planet. Bring your light to the darkness and work toward a brighter future, together. -@robkingwill #americaisalreadygreat #avalon7 #liveactivated #createyourfuture #differentphotosamewords



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