“Live Activated” is the core principle and inspiration behind the brand of AVALON7.

It is a mindset that leads to exploring the limits of our human potential and living each day to its fullest.

You have one life to live.  Make it a good one.



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The ACTIVATE Technique is a simple set of skills that you can use to help you to stay centered and mindful in any situation, so that you can activate your highest potential.

Developed by Rob Kingwill during his years of World Cup snowboard competition, coaching and filming, the ACTIVATE Technique is simple and effective.

It is based on techniques used in the martial art of Aikido and on modern positive psychology research.

You can use this technique to help you focus to learn a new trick, prepare for a big test, stay positive and centered in a dangerous situation, or any time you need to manage conflict and fear in your life.  


Kelly Halpin Activate Dudes

The three principles of the Activate Technique are FOCUS, CENTER and FLOW.   Practicing these principles will help you to move through fear and conflict with grace and power by being present and mindful.



focus yourself
  • Acknowledge the situation and how you feel.
  • Use Focused Breath: Breathe out for a longer count than you breathe in. 4 counts in 6 counts out. This a great technique for managing anxiety.
  • Become aware of your judgements.
  • Stop negative self talk.
  • Choose a positive outlook.
  • Visualize your path.
Focus Dude


center yourself
  • Take a deep breath and slow your roll.
  • Find your physical center.
  • Bring your focus to your center by imagining energy being brought into it and coming out of it.
  • Connect with the world around you and ground yourself through your feet.
Center Dude


Enter the flow state
  • Maintain your vision.
  • Be Grateful.
  • Smile.
  • Choose the moment.
  • Drop in.
Flow Dude



To help you remember this process use the acronym ACTivate!

Aware/Accept- Become conscious of how your mind and body are reacting.

Center- Take a deep breath, pause and find your center by touching your thumbs to your body’s physical center.

Transform- Take another deep breath and start to notice what you are focused on.

Monitor your self talk. Smile. Stay Positive. Be grateful. Drop in and FLOW.



The Futurepositiv philosophy is a personal commitment to make things better than we found them. To choose to be optimistic and to never stop progressing.

The first step in being FUTUREPOSITIV is to practice the ACTIVATE principles in your daily life. They will help you to be mindful and stay positive.

The more people with the skills to remain conscious instead of living from a fear state the more we can activate the upward spiral of positivity in the world and build a brighter future for everyone.



LiveACTIVATED seminars teach you the basic principles of centering, ways to use breathwork to change your focus and control your snake brain, and be able to enter a state mindfulness and flow more easily in your life.

ACTIVATE is based on simple skills that pro-snowboarder and coach Rob Kingwill has used throughout his career, it can be used in all areas of life, from snowboarding to business to personal life and relationships.

Contact Rob Kingwill at kinger@avalon7.com for more information on holding a LiveACTIVATED seminar for your team or school.

Please check out the links and videos below for more exploration and inspiration!





Aikido Master Tom Crum  Positive Psychology PHD Barbera Fredrickson  Recognizing Irrational Beliefs- Behavioral Therapist Albert Ellis  Flow Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihaly Rapt by Winifred Galagher   The Happiness Project



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