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Social Distancing Covid Necktube modification

The CDC now recommends wearing a cloth facemask in public to slow the spread of Covid-19.   There is a huge shortage of n95 and surgical masks, but the CDC now recommends people still should cover their face with cloth masks to protect others from the chance of infection, while continuing to social distance and wash their hands regularly.   

Here at AVALON7 we have been making awesome facemasks for skiing and snowboarding for 15 years and we know there are a ton of people out there with our NeckTubes- let’s put them to good use!

I’ve been thinking about it a ton and came up with a simple way to modify your existing AVALON7 necktube to be double layered for more protection and include ear hooks for easier wearing and more comfort.  

Remember, this will not completely protect you (or others) from viruses or bad vibes, but it might help (according to the CDC).


STEP 1:  Roll your necktube inwards so that it is doubled up.  The rolled part should be at the top.  Wearing the necktube with 2 layers will give you more protection.

STEP 2:  Flatten the necktube, and decide which part you want to be the front of your mask.  Measure 1 inch down from the top, and use scissors to cut a straight line 1 inch inwards on both sides. This will make the ear hooks.

STEP 3: Pull up on the ear hooks and make them easier to grab.  They will act almost like strings, and the fabric won’t fray.

STEP 4:  Pull the mask over your head and attach the ear hooks over your ears.  This will keep the mask from falling down so easily and allow you to wear it more loosely so you don’t have to constantly adjust it.


Bonus Tips:

For triple layer filtration, try adding a PM2.5 carbon filter or even a coffee filter between the two layers of the NeckTube.  More layers are better.

Please always wear the same side of the mask against your face so you don’t expose yourself to the side that may have been previously contaminated!  You can put a small heart or X on the side that will be against your face so you don’t mix up the sides.  

Once you put the facemask on, keep it on.  Don’t pull it down to eat or talk.  Try not to touch it or adjust it if you can.  This is where the earhooks really help.

When you get home, take care taking off the facemask.  Treat it like it has germs on it, and either wash it immediately with soap and water, or put it somewhere where it won’t spread germs!  For example, don’t throw it on the counter, or in your purse.

This modification works with any masks-style necktube.

Onward and upward! 

Rob Kingwill

AVALON7 Owner/Lead Designer

April 3, 2020



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