EarthSpeak Balaclava by Rob Kingwill


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The EarthSpeak Balaclava was designed by Rob Kingwill from a kaliedescopic collage of leaves and detritus in the Snake River in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Connect Series. Limited Edition of 300.

AVALON7 Balaclavas are perfect for wearing under your hat or helmet on deep pow days or frigid morning sled rides.

Pretty much the best facemask ever.

Lightweight and breathable StretchSoft material, with no seams around your face to bunch up and leave painful marks when you have your goggles on.

Upgrade to the PowSlayer Facemask System and get the most advanced powderday protection on the planet!  

Combine this A7 Balaclava with one of our breathable Mesh Neck Gaiters to create the world’s best powderday facemask system.  The balaclava acts as a perfect baselayer for your face, and the Mesh Tube allows for you to adjust the amount of breathablity and warmth that you need by wearing it as a single or double layer.  By having two independent parts to the system, you can freely rotate the Mesh Shield (or swap it out) when it gets wet from too many faceshots, while the balaclava layer stays perfectly warm and dry.




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