Pepe the Japanese Adventurer.

I met @Pepe_Films_ in the parking lot in Teton Pass. He’s from Japan, and  he’s been living in his rental car adventuring from mountain to mountain for the past three weeks.  He rips on his 185 Gentem Impossible and really loves life.  He’s done more livin’ in the last 3 weeks than some people do in a year! Bachelor, Mammoth, Squaw, Jackson…  This is what I’m talking about when I say Live Activated. -RK

Pepe shows me his living quarters.

Imagine sleeping like this for 3 weeks straight and shredding everyday.

He said it was cold most nights, so he had 2 sleeping bags and a blanket.

Pepe is ready to hike!


We headed straight up the Mt. Glory boot pack.  Pepe explained how he hiked for 6 hours to the top of Jackson Hole Mtn Resort, two days before.  He said “Jackson is steep.”

The top of Mt Glory!

Friends who meet in the mountains will always be friends. (that’s me, Rob Kingwill)

The first half was a bit foggy… but pretty soft in places. Especially for May 17!

We had to do a little adventure boardin’ near the bottom.  Tough to do on a 185!

Let’s do it again!  This was Pepe’s first time hitchhiking!


Good times in the mountains for sure.  Follow your passion and see where it takes you!  Nice to meet you Pepe!



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