In this episode of The Process, snowboarder Rob Kingwill shows us how he created the graphics for his pro-model board, the Compatriot Valkyrie.  Using timelapse photography, he compresses 40 hours of work into 3 minutes, showing us the process of creation from start to finish, spiced up with some GoPro shred shots of him riding the finished product.

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The RK Valkyrie graphic is a drawing of a gateway between the real world and the futuristic city of AVALON7.  The board is available for purchase at

Music by Villains, “Control the Future” from Dim Mak Records. Please go to Itunes and buy this track!

Special thanks to The North Face, Compatriot Snowboards, AVALON7, Smith, Bern, GoPro, Skullcandy, Jackson Hole, World Boards, Bluebird, Camp of Champions, GearTrade and Redbull.

The Process is an ongoing DIY mountain life webseries filmed in Jackson Hole, WY.



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